Save time and maximize the value of your case. Let EPIC handle your client’s prescription issues.

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   Workers' Compensation

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EPIC works to ensure your injured clients receive the highest quality care available. When you work with EPIC, your clients will not pay any out-of-pocket expenses for approved workers' compensation claims. We understand the importance of staying with a consistent treatment plan, which is why we promote continued office visits and uninterrupted pain management protocols even during litigation.

   Personal Injury

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EPIC offers comprehensive prescription solutions for your personal injury clients. After entering into a Lien Agreement, or Letter of Protection (LOP) your client can secure payment for medication with settlement proceeds. This ensures fast and reliable prescription care for your clients and is a great alternative to traditional insurance.

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EPIC Pharmacy
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Phone: (866) 720-6338
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How We Help Attorneys

With over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience, EPIC provides hassle-free, reliable care for your injured clients. This means fewer calls from distressed clients and fewer headaches for your firm. Our dedicated team of patient advocates has formulated a business model that provides injured clients with the quality of service they deserve and attorneys with the services to maximize the value of their cases.

EPIC serves as a valuable resource to those who represent injured individuals and serves attorneys by minimizing their staff's time spent on the hassles and complications associated with clients receiving the medications by their treating physician. We make things simple for you and your client throughout the treatment process.

  • Injured clients will have access to medication and comprehensive prescription solutions with no out-of-pocket costs
  • We deliver your client’s prescriptions to their home or office. Our convenient home delivery services ensure free, next-day delivery options on all prescriptions
  • If claims are in dispute or litigation, we will deliver physician-prescribed medications on your authority
  • You can refer your clients to our experienced staff to handle all questions and concerns about their medication
  • We work closely with physicians to ensure your client’s needs are met and remove any delays in getting medication. By working with physicians directly, EPIC helps eliminate time-consuming calls and paperwork from your office, allowing you to focus on maximizing the value of your case.

By choosing EPIC as your go to pharmacy, you can eliminate (1) searching for a pharmacy that will service your clients’ prescription needs without consideration of his or her insurance provider and (2) obtaining certified records from multiple pharmacies upon time for trial or settlement hearing.

As a pharmacy partner in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, we’ve streamlined the prescription process and make managing your client’s medication access and cost stress-free. Our focus is providing easy access for your client and simplified monthly invoicing, and our process is simple:

  1. Legal team executes the care authorization/letter of guarantee document.
  2. Physician providing treatment sends prescription information to EPIC.
  3. EPIC processes the prescription and overnights the medication to the patient.
  4. EPIC invoices the legal team at the end of the month with a detailed invoice listed by client/case number.